Rosanne David

Sovereignty or spiritual freedom is realized when we are no longer are living with the filters of the masks.

Who are you….the Authentic YOU!?

Are you willing to look within to discover and love all of who YOU are?

Is the path that you are on increasing your freedom from conditioning that keeps you from your Dreams?

In a supporting relationship, Rosanne can help you discover your Path to acquire your Dreams ~ to help you with your choices through a spiritual outlook and the use of the Voyager™ Tarot Cards.

Rosanne David radiates passion for life.  Her laughter and joy light the world around her.  She is a woman of integrity and compassion who can help you hear the voice of your own inner knowing.  Discover your personal truth and opportunities.  Rosanne’s sessions are positive, deeply spiritual, and life-affirming. You will come away with the courage to trust yourself and to move forward on your path with grace and confidence. 

“Many thanks for such a wonderful READING!  Good food for the soul and so much to absorb.  Life giving!”


“Thank you for an eye and heart opening experience.”