A Note from Rosanne…

     I was blessed to be born in the Pacific Northwest in 1948 to parents who loved life and nature.  Coming from a large Lebanese community, we would camp, swim and picnic, all largely in Washington State and, at times, in Oregon and Canada.  I don’t hardly ever remember a weekend when we weren’t outdoors, or having a potluck at one of my relative’s homes.  The Lebanese culture thrives on living life to its fullest through food and social gatherings.  I lacked neither.  I was raised Catholic and went to parochial school through 8th grade. From there I went to Bellevue public schools.  I was very protected and naïve to the real world until I turned 17 when my Dad passed at an early age of 43.  That’s when my introspection and growth began. 

Not understanding my Dad’s passing and stepping out into the ‘real’ world, I began to realize how vulnerable I was in surviving the unknown; warrior survival skills were learned.  I explored and experienced the 60’s, got my AA in Accounting and married at 21.  The next 10 years were one of my biggest growth periods in my life.  The two most joyful occasions were bringing my two children into this world.  They are, to this day, my true loves.  I went back to school for Bar and Restaurant Management. And another phase of my life began.

My teachers and mentors began coming into my life when I decided to know myself. In 1981 I found my Guru whose teachings I follow to this day.  I worked with James Croake, an Adlerian Psychologist, who taught me how to be myself in this sometime dysfunctional world.  This man became a good friend; a support for the next 40 years.  Skip Wolf and Bob MacDonald, Ph.D., who were my personal and business coaches in the 90’s.  As creator of the Voyager™ Tarot Deck, I attended several of James Wanless workshops and was Certified as a Voyager Life Coach in 2003.  Face reading workshops held by Narayan-Singh, Ph.D. in Psychology. Colin Cole, M.A. a writer, teacher, healer and an incredible Energy Worker. My Life and Spiritual Coach in 2004–2005, Suzanne Anderson, M.A.  A writer and artist who was the leader of the Woman’s Integral Leadership Program out of Antioch University. I’ve read and continue to read from great authors who have influenced my life decisions.  Life’s experiences and my children have been my greatest teachers. 

 Although I’ve worked throughout my life, I’ve always explored my creative side. I’m a stained-glass artist and instructor.  I love to cook: sourdough bread, soups, and Lebanese food especially. Gardening; winning Everett’s Monte Cristo award in 2015 for our neighborhood.  Heirloom smocking and sewing.  Flower arranging.  I continue to find many ways to express my love of life through my creative art side. And I have to include having conversation with a friend over a great cappuccino!  Or sitting around an outdoor fire with friends and family.  There is so much Joy in Life!!!

I’m a Lebanese Mom.  An introspective, passionate, creative, spiritual woman.  A woman who continues to grow and love within myself and my environment that surrounds me.  A woman who is grateful and blessed to have experienced this wonderful life!

Thank you.

Rosanne David

“You’re right.  You’re more of a counselor than a reader but it was wonderful talking to you.  After all these times, I was able to talk to someone who can relate to my experiences; someone who understands; someone who’s not judgmental.  Thank you so much!”